The Gold Standard

We hold our honey to a Gold Standard.

  • Professional pollen analysis
  • Raw, pure wildflower honey
  • Low heat & no filtering
  • Probiotics & enzymes intact
  • Unique flavor profiles
  • Good beekeeping practices

Our honey flows from comb to bottle, 100% natural and pure.

What’s In Our Honey?

Every variety of Gold Standard Honey is professionally analyzed to reveal the exact makeup of pollens in our honey, as well as the diverse mineral content.

Oklahoma Native Honey

Scientific name Common name Percentage
Melilotus Clover 46%
Brassicaceae Mustard family 23%
Solanaceae Nightshade family 9%
Fragaria Strawberry 6%
Medicago Alfalfa 3%
Shepherdia canadensis Buffaloberry 3%
Saxifragaceae Saxifrage family 1%
Polygonaceae Knotweed family 1%
Plantago Plantain 1%
Quercus Oak 1%
Cichorioideae Chicory subfamily 1%
Trifolium pratense Red clover 1%
Boraginaceae Borage family 1%

Arkansas Wildflower Honey

Scientific name Common name Percentage
Trifolium/Melilotus Clover 41%
Glycine max Soybean 14%
Nyssa Tupelo 5%
Salix Willow 5%
Asteraceae Sunflower family 3%
Gleditsia Honey locust 3%
Polygonum Knotweed 3%
Rhamnaceae Buckthorn family 3%
Rhus/Toxicodendron Sumac 3%
Quercus Oak 3%
Cornus Dogwood 2%
Rosaceae Rose family 2%
Ambrosia Ragweed 2%
Poaceae Grass family 1%
Robinia Locust 1%
Liquidambar Sweetgum 1%
Rubus Blackberry 1%
Vitis Grape 1%

Why Does Pollen Content Matter?

Why do you love honey? Because it’s delicious, right? But it’s so much more than that – for many of us, the nutritional value and health benefits are what we’re really after.

Have you tried local honey for your hay fever, allergies, or other reactions to the outdoors? Honey carries pollen that, when ingested, can act as a vaccination against the body’s inflammatory reaction to pollen exposure.

But here’s the important part: You have to ingest the pollens that are causing your allergies.

That’s why Gold Standard Honey is different. We put the foraging location and pollen analysis right on the label, so you can be confident that the honey you’re buying contains the pollens you’re struggling with.

White Clover