Beekeeping Update: Splitting the Hive

I was raised on a working farm. So, the upswing of activity toward spring was like storm clouds in the west. You knew it was coming, and it could – and probably would be – rough. So I’m a beekeeper now, and the month of April was a harking back to the spring and summer work of times past.


Swarming: A sign of bee multiplication

The increase of egg-laying by a good queen in spring creates pressure in the hive for room. Not always, but many times, this urges the collective, called a colony, to make preparations for swarming. The word swarm always sounds ominous, but it’s simply the term applied to a colony of bees that are seeking, and are in the process of, finding better accommodations. Continue reading Beekeeping Update: Splitting the Hive

Saturday, May 9th, 2015 by geob54
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