There is a business of which I am associated with in Tulsa that we’re all very excited about. It’s called

Simply go to this website click on the local, organic, real food from local farmers, that you want and if you live in the Tulsa area will be delivered to your door. The farmers highlighted at the website are many of the same producers that can be found at Cherry St Farmer’s Market on 15th and Peoria in Tulsa.

The concept and development was the brainchild of Adele Beasley of Heavenly Bread Co. in Tulsa. We felt that a more efficient effective means was needed to connect the hard working farmers of our area with the good people of Tulsa who appreciate good, real, food. With the bypassing of multiple middle-men, the farmers get a better price for their products and the consumer benefits with good quality food, produced right here in OK.

And of course the money stays here in OK, benefiting Okies not foreign or out of state corporations. The website is being updated and improved constantly, so stop by often. Be sure and look in the Sunday November 17th issue of The Tulsa World for an article with a great write-up.