Working with Bees and producing local honey is what I like to do. With Steve Rush handling the camera duties we made this video on a warm Oklahoma July morning. This is the second video and it’s short and too the point.

In this video we put on our bee keeping suits and take a look into my beehives. I check my hives often and try to take as good of care of them as I can. A happy Honey Bee makes the best local honey.

We take the time to thoroughly explain to you about the hive and what is happening with the bees and what I look for when caring for my bees.

I hope you enjoyed a closer look at my beehives and my operation. It’s okay to leave your comments of course, and stop by and visit with at the Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa.

If you can’t make it to the markets then visit my friends at Lambrusco’s Deli in Tulsa Ok. for some great local honey. Ask for the Gold Standard Honey Brand.