Recently, a dear friend of everyone at Gold Standard Honey passed away. Dr. Vaughn M. Bryant was a good friend, and an important part of what makes Gold Standard, Gold Standard.

Dr. Bryant played a vital role in the study and popularization of pollen analysis. And without his brilliant insight and dedication to the study of pollen analysis, we wouldn’t be where we are as a company.

In 2014, George Brining found Dr. Vaughn Bryant of Texas A&M University. As the leading melissopalynologist, Dr. Bryant was able to analyze the 4 kinds of honey we were producing at the time and found that our Oklahoma Native honey had a high percentage of willow pollen, making it excellent for allergy sufferers in northeastern Oklahoma.

He also discovered that Oklahoma Native Mixed Floral Honey had 10.4% poison ivy and sumac pollens, but encouraged us to use it with the knowledge that it actually builds a resistance to the effects of poison ivy just as local pollen builds up allergen resistance.

He inspired many, revealed to the world the many marvels that honey has to offer, and changed the world through his passion, and with his knowledge for his craft.

Dr. Bryant’s impact on everyone at Gold Standard, and the world of pollen analysis, can never be overstated.

He will be missed.