What pollens are you getting with your favorite honey?

So, do you know the pollen makeup of the honey in your household? Melissopalynology is the study of pollen in honey, and by analyzing a sample, researchers can determine the exact ratios of pollen within a particular honey batch.

At Gold Standard Honey, we wanted to know exactly what flowers the bees worked to make each batch of our honey.

So when we say “clover pollen” or “rose pollen” on the label, we’re just letting you know the honey has been clinically verified to be from that source. No guesswork. That’s the Gold Standard.

Without testing, it’s hard to really know what you’re getting.

One of the issues of the typical “black Label” or “premium” honey is that they may say “tupelo” or “clover” honey on the label without any verification of their source. A recent blind test by the AASP Foundation found some of these premium kinds of honey contain very little of the pollens they promise.

In fact, many of those beneficial pollens are actually removed or diluted with syrups.

That’s why we post the actual pollen percentages in our honey on every label. So you know what you’re putting on your table. You can even see the name of the lab where our honey was tested.

Pollen testing can save you from dishonest labeling.

Another reason it’s important to look for pollen count and testing is because some companies actually buy their honey from China. There they filter out the pollens (and with them a lot of the health benefits!) so that no one can trace them to the unreputable sources using dangerous chemicals, unethical bee care, or risky storage containers. Then they slap on a “local” honey label because they packed the honey locally!

When you see the region on our label, that’s where our bees actually foraged to create the honey you feed your family.

Hold your honey to a Gold Standard.

Our honey flows from the comb to the jar. Never filtered, never cooked, full of enzymes and all pollens left intact when you bring it home. From our family of beekeepers to yours.

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