The price of honey can be effected in many different ways, and with the price if honey having increased in the recent months, I asked our founder, George Brining, his opinions on the current market, and where he sees the price and quality heading in the next few months:

What is currently happening in the market that is effecting honey prices?

I would say we’re talking initially about the basics. Due to drought conditions in the heavy producing states: Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and the Dakotas, honey production is down.

Less rain, less flowering plants, crops and wildflowers and thus less nectar and yes, finally, less honey.

So, honey which is a commodity on the USDA list, is in short supply. And if the demand remains the same or increases, the price goes up.

With the current environmental factors at play, do you see the quality of honey decreasing in the near future?

As long as I can still buy honey from local producers I don’t see the quality going down. Almost all of the hives are located where the bees forage on wildflowers.

If they do drift onto a soybean GMO field, then such is life — it can’t be helped. Bees can fly up to 3 miles. So if you see Organic Honey, I say bull.

You would have to control 8000 acres and have nothing growing there but natural wildflowers or organic crops. Ain’t gonna happen.

Beekeeping is an agricultural enterprise, that is at the mercy of the weather to a large extent. I am the result of at least 4 generation of farmers, I am painfully aware of this fact.

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