Chinese honeyHow Can Honey Be Harmful?
It’s hard to believe that something so delicious, nourishing, and powerful for your immune system could have such a sordid past. But it’s true.

The problem is, most “honey” companies aren’t giving you what you bargained for. In fact, the product you’re getting might actually be harmful to your health – and to your children’s health.

Where China Comes In
That’s why China has been banned from “dumping” their honey product on the US market for years. They use a process called ultra-filtering, which involves heating the honey to high temperatures, watering it down, and forcing it through a micro-filter under intense pressure to remove any traces of pollen.

Not only has the honey now become questionable for ingestion, but the USDA no longer calls it “honey” when the pollen is removed.

Obviously, this process also kills any probiotics. But the danger comes with China’s addition of questionable antibiotics and the incidental introduction of heavy metals and other particles not safe for consumption into the highly processed product.

It’s Not Just about Health Risks Anymore
As if the health risks weren’t enough, China also sells its “honey” at artificially low prices, leading to a devastating decline in fair market cost.

The country has made it known that they ship their “honey” product to other foreign countries as “rice syrup” and other things in order to avoid detection. Once safely out of China, the “honey product” is relabeled as honey – this time showing its country of origin as the Philippines or whatever country China has laundered its product through.

This illegal maneuvering of their damaged goods into the legal market at such an undercut rate causes many excellent beekeepers to lose money and, often, go out of business.

Why Our Honey Is the Gold Standard
Protect your family by educating yourself about the labeling of honey products in stores and online. Be wary of cheap honey. If in doubt, check the label for country of origin. If it’s anywhere outside the United States – avoid it.

At Gold Standard, our mission is to move honey from the bee hive to your home with little processing and a gracious dose of nutritional labeling. See what our honey’s nutritional content looks like!