I still am amazed at the dedication people have for living healthy, and are willing to fight the extreme heat, and higher cost of buying good food, real food, not franchised commercial food. 

I’m a teacher of 10 and 11 year olds, and when I see them get excited and focused on the “subject matter” I am in wonderment, I get the ol’ chill up my spine feeling.

When I see people walking by with watermelons, cantaloupes good whole milk, I get the same sort of feeling.  On Saturday I talked with scores of people who have this same focus and desire, they want good food.  
I talked with one lady, Wendy, who had started a community garden in town and who was in contact with another lady who was knowledgeable about environmental sustainability.

She was interested in having a hive or two near their project.  The idea of urban bee hives is a great idea if you think of all the flowers and small gardens in Tulsa, with 80% of it irrigated, it would be like bee heaven.  More power to them.
I also, met some people from Latin America, who understood the benefits of honey also. The gentleman to whom I was speaking with asked very astutely, if I had any Royal Jelly. (This is a substance that the bees inject into a fertile egg in order to produce a queen). 

This stuff is HIGHLY nutritious and sought after. I told him I didn’t know how to gather it, needed to study up on it and may offer it as a specialty item next year.
One lady told me Saturday that a study found honey to be more effective and safer for a children under 6 years for cough and sore throat.

Safer than the common cough chemical remedy that is usually prescribed. 
Another young couple who had just adopted a rescue dog from a kennel, once they saw the ‘local’, ‘raw’ part of my label said, “this is exactly what we’ve been looking for. “I said, “well you’ve found me.”

Many people were just happy to get on my text list. (text HONEY to: 918 770-8183) Why? The crop of honey this year is way down compared to past years, (because the drought stopped the honey flow). So, those who are on the fancy electronic list will know WHEN I’ll be at Cherry St. market, or when I pick up a new retail store that’s on the ball enough to sell good local food like Gold Standard Honey

I have a core list now of loyal honey customers to whom I am grateful, and they will be rewarded with access to local raw honey, (as long as my supply lasts) this fall and winter, and when I can, discounts on any of the bottles I have.  One such retail store is Lambrusco’z Deli on 41st and Peoria. 

Nancy carries Gold Standard Honey there, so if you need some honey (and it’s not Saturday morning at Cherry St), and have a hankering for a good sandwich stop by Lambrusco’z 

Just allow me to say again how amazed I am to those of you who are as in love with good quality food as much as we are at our household.  If I can be a part your lives by supplying one of the single best natural foods out there, then I am very pleased. What a great community to be a part of.