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Pollen Analysis
Pollen analysis
BPA Free
BPA free
Raw, Pure Honey
Raw, pure honey
Low Heat
Low heat
Ethical Practices
Ethical Practices
Gluten Free
Gluten free

Raw Wildflower Honey

Beekeeper and owner George Brining brings raw, pure honey from Arkansas beekeepers to your store’s shelves.

With Gold Standard Honey, your customers can savor the unique flavors of summer and enjoy the health benefits of raw, unfiltered honey.

Arkansas Wildflower Honey

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Professional Pollen Analysis

Gold Standard Honey is professionally analyzed at the Palynology Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University to reveal the exact makeup of pollens in our honey, as well as the diverse mineral content.

Texas A&M Palynology Research Laboratory

Performance History

Our honey is consistently one of the Top 10 sellers in the breakfast category in our partner stores.

Community Sourced

Our honey connects with customers because it’s a part of where they live.

Like a fine wine, the local Arkansas wildflowers create a signature flavor profile that makes it unlike any other honey.

Arkansas Wildflower Honey

What Our Buyers Are Saying

“Gold Standard Honey has performed very well in the stores they have been placed in. Generally 2-3x better than other brands of honey.

“I have also found the owner George to be timely, personable and honorable in his business dealings.”

Jennifer O’Connor

Jennifer O’Connor
Sam’s Club Manager

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