Raw, local Arkansas Wildflower Honey from Gold Standard Honey is available on store shelves now, ready to add a bit of sweetness to your life. You can find it at Natural Grocers, The Fresh Market, and these other fine retailers in your area.

Our raw, unfiltered honey is foraged right in Arkansas and is packed with pollens from clover, tupelo, willow, dogwood, roses, rageweed, and blackberry, giving this year’s batch a unique flavor that you won’t get any other year.

Analyzed for Accurate Honey Labeling

How do we know what’s inside? Each season, we send our honey off for pollen analysis, so we know exactly which flowers and plants to put on the label. This way, you know what’s in the honey you’re buying. So, for example, if you’re picking up raw honey to help with your allergies, you can be sure you’re getting the right type of pollen in your honey.

A lot of honeys claim to be “bottled locally,” but end up not actually being from that region. Or, they claim to be a certain kind of honey (clover, for example), but don’t have the pollen testing to back it up. That’s why we started doing pollen analysis for our raw local honey, and why we make sure that when our label says “Arkansas” or “Oklahoma,” the honey inside indeed comes from those states.

Buy 100% Pure, Raw, Unfiltered Arkansas Honey

So go on, find a retailer near you and pick up your next bottle of Gold Standard’s Arkansas Wildflower Honey today!

And be sure to check out our store locator page for a regularly updated list of where to find our local honey.