Tulsa Is Going Healthy

There’s just something about the Tulsa downtown area. I must speak personally, just a bit. I grew up in a small town in NW Oklahoma which was principally built in the late teen’s and twenties with all of the brick buildings and streets like you see in Pawhuska, Nowata, etc. Whenever I’m downtown Tulsa, I get that same hometown spirit and feeling. But it isn’t just the architecture it’s the small town friendliness of the local Tulsa people and their desire to be healthy.

Cam’s Grocery Emphasizes Healthy Food

I was privileged to be a part of the 1st Cam’s Fall Festival at 2nd and Detroit on Saturday, Oct. 29th. What is Cam’s… it is the future home of a small town type grocery store that will be selling the same good locally grown and produced food many of you have come to enjoy and expect at Cherry St Market, at 15th and Peoria. The man behind it all is one of the most accommodating and gregarious fellows you will ever meet, Daniel Cameron. In the short time I’ve known him I feel he is a friend, in whom I am not only looking forward to working with, but is someone I can depend on and explore his thinking on this incredible trend of local naturally grown, healthy food.

Honey For your Health

At Cam’s Fall Festival I had the opportunity to visit with many people that were simply fascinated with the world of the bee. I talked with many people about the medical qualities of honey. A product I plan on offering next year is Propolis. Propolis is a sticky substance that the bees make to fill the cracks in the hive. It has antimicrobial, antifungial, antiviral and antiseptic qualities. It has all the vitamins except K, it has all the minerals we need except sulfur, and on and on it goes.

 Healthy Honey Downtown Tulsa

Cam’s is going to be a beautiful store run by good people who care about what they sell, care about the people they serve, and are just fun to be around. There is sooo much going on downtown Tulsa, stop by and look at the progress at Cam’s. Yes I plan on supplying Dan with Gold Standard Honey at his new store. I am very proud to be a part of your healthy lifestyle. I would love to talk with any of you sometime. You need to get to know your beekeeper so I invite you to leave some comments about being healthy in Tulsa Ok.

All the best, George Brining