Come by this Sunday for the rare opportunity to taste artisan honeys from one of the best beekeepers in the state. That’s right. We’ll be at the Reasor’s at 111th and Elm Street, in Broken Arrow, to offer you the chance to taste our Texas and Wisconsin honey varietals.

Did you know?

Each honey has its own flavor profile. Some have compared honey tastings like the well-documented and analyzed varietals we offer to wine tastings. Our honeys are unique, defined, and a joy to understand.

Wisconsin Wildflower

This varietal contains 5% specific ragweed pollen creating a distinctive flavor profile and a fantastic finish.

Texas Tallow

As a “predominant pollen honey,” this varietal meets the criteria of 45% or more of a single pollen source. The year 2013 of our Texas Tallow has an incredible 60% Tallow pollens! With its mellow, loamy and smooth flavor profile, many people use it in place of syrup on pancakes.

Come This Weekend!

* Taste single-origin honeys.
* Meet George Brining, local bee keeper.
* Explore health and fall allergy benefits.
* Discuss cooking with honey.

What Makes Our Honey the Gold Standard?

Our labeling makes all the difference. We include a pollen analysis for every honey we bottle. This guides your choices on which honey to buy!

Don’t miss out this weekend!

See you at Reasor’s for the best artisanal honey tasting of your life. On 111th and Elm Street, in Broken Arrow, from 11:00-3:00, August 2, 2015.