About Gold Standard Honey


Gold Standard Honey is a pure, raw and natural honey produced by the bees on our farm in northeastern Oklahoma. We take pride in producing healthy, delicious local honey.

You can find us and our products at the Cherry Street Farmers Market and the Brookside Farmers Market in Tulsa. We also have a local outlet at Lambrusco’s Deli on Brookside.

George with Frame

Besides beekeeping, I also work as an educator in Jay, Oklahoma. Teaching is another part of my life that brings me great joy. It’s such a pleasure to see my students’ reactions when they “get it” and solve a problem.

My son is currently working his way through school and has developed a real talent in making homemade pies. He has turned this talent into an art form of delicious hand-crafted pies called Pie Tonight!

Thanks for listening to a bit of our story. Come by and see us sometime.

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