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We Hold Our Honey to a Gold Standard

  • Professional pollen analysis
  • Raw, pure wildflower honey
  • Low heat & no filtering
  • Probiotics & enzymes intact
  • Unique flavor profiles
  • Good beekeeping practices
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Gold Standard VS “Black Label” Honey

What pollens are you getting with your favorite honey? So, do you know the pollen makeup of the honey in your household? Melissopalynology is the study of pollen in honey, and by analyzing a sample, researchers can determine the exact ratios of pollen within a particular honey batch. At Gold Standard Honey, we wanted to […]


Video: Gold Standard Honey

Artisanal Honey Varietals? Find out where did the idea come from to begin offering honey varietals in the same way artisanal craftsman do. We understand not everyone can come by our booth at the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market. That’s why we’ve made it simple for you to share in the goodness from the comfort of […]


Dangerous Honey: China’s Open Secret

How Can Honey Be Harmful? It’s hard to believe that something so delicious, nourishing, and powerful for your immune system could have such a sordid past. But it’s true. The problem is, most “honey” companies aren’t giving you what you bargained for. In fact, the product you’re getting might actually be harmful to your health […]