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  • Low heat, no blending or filtering
  • Probiotics & enzymes intact
  • 4 single-origin sources in the U.S.
  • Good beekeeping practices
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Artisan Honey Tasting This Weekend!

Come by this Sunday for the rare opportunity to taste artisan honeys from one of the best beekeepers in the state. That’s right. We’ll be at the Reasor’s at 111th and Elm Street, in Broken Arrow, to offer you the chance to taste our Texas and Wisconsin honey varietals. Did you know? Each honey has … Continue reading Artisan Honey Tasting This Weekend!



For many farmers who deal with crops and animals, spring and summer are a busy time till harvest. For beekeepers around here, harvest of honey is early-mid July. The Natural Rhythm As we talked about before, splitting the hives always comes in spring, along with all the work that goes along with keeping the bees … Continue reading BEEKEEPER UPDATE: SPRINGTIME ACTIVITY!


Beekeeping Update: Splitting the Hive

I was raised on a working farm. So, the upswing of activity toward spring was like storm clouds in the west. You knew it was coming, and it could – and probably would be – rough. So I’m a beekeeper now, and the month of April was a harking back to the spring and summer … Continue reading Beekeeping Update: Splitting the Hive